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03/20 4:17 pm

TCEQ states that a previous draft of the Guidance was published September 15, 2017, and they received comments on the draft. The updated document includes changes made in response to the comments received. Further, it is stated to contain limited technical … …Read Full Article

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03/20 2:49 pm

Anderson says Texans will no longer be held responsible for offsetting billions of dollars in foreign pollution impacts under his TCEQ chairmanship

(Houston) – March 20, 2018 – Letter

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03/19 11:47 am

Here are three takeaways from the study: Startups and shutdowns are big pollution events The study examines industry’s reports of unauthorized pollution to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, or TCEQ, from 2002 to 2016. These releases occur … …Read Full Article

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03/16 7:27 pm

TCEQ said if used properly, the chlorine should have no detrimental impact on customers. Cosgrove confirmed the NTMWD has performed the chlorine maintenance annually for the last several years. He’s not sure why Plano’s water quality is now being … …Read Full Article

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03/16 10:17 am

North Texas Municipal Water District is cutting corners on quality and rather then provide responsible answers to their consumers is hidding (sic) behind misrepresented TCEQ regulations,” she wrote on Facebook. She went on to explain that rather than … …Read Full Article

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03/16 4:47 am

To file a complaint To make an environmental complaint, go to tceq.texas.gov/compliance/complaints or call 1-888-777-3186. The number is toll-free. …Read Full Article

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03/15 11:07 pm

NTMWD is conducting a temporary 30-day proactive system maintenance process that is accepted by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The maintenance period ends March 26. During this period … …Read Full Article

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03/15 10:37 pm

Thursday, the district’s engineer, Joe D. Valdez, of CP&Y Inc., informed the board that USW Utility Group was to blame for some of the citations the district recently received from TCEQ. They were related to not having records on hand. Valdez said it was … …Read Full Article

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03/15 5:27 pm

The TCEQ said they’ll also monitor cleanup efforts. Additionally, the State Fire Marshal’s Office has been asked to investigate the cause of the fire. The chemical plant and a nearby lumber yard were evacuated; no other evacuations reported. Tri-Chem … …Read Full Article

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03/15 3:28 pm

“The problem is,” according to Ballard, “it must conform to today’s rules and regulations.” Texas Commission on environmental Quality (TCEQ) was concerned about the age of the water plant years ago and amazed that quality water could even be … …Read Full Article

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