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01/04 3:07 pm

“Once the TCEQ outlines the elements of another proposed SSOI program for the city, staff will take the proposal to the city council for consideration,” Hyde said. The city already has spent … …Read Full Article

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01/04 12:28 am

“The proposed lots cannot accommodate on-site sewage facility under Chapter 285 therefore a permit from TCEQ Municipal Division is required.” The facility’s treated sewage is expected to … …Read Full Article

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01/03 7:17 pm

Exide will be required to post a $25 million surety bond naming TCEQ as a beneficiary before it can begin cleanup of Stewart Creek and the former plant site. Frisco also will pay its share for cleanup … …Read Full Article

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01/03 5:58 pm

“Officials with the Texas Commission Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and downstream municipalities and utility districts have been notified.” Austin Water has sent out the following recommendations: Pers… …Read Full Article

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01/03 4:57 pm

On Dec. 29, the TCEQ required the WSC to issue the boil water notice to inform customers of potential contamination or an interruption in service. “Our system has taken the necessary corrective action… …Read Full Article

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01/03 10:27 am

Under the 2019 amended MSA, escrow funds will be released to Exide when a certificate of completeness is issued by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for J Parcel cleanup. …Read Full Article

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01/02 4:47 pm

The German Pellets facility in Woodville pushes smoke in the air that residents say causes coughing. Lisa Sanchez One day in late November, a cloud of white smoke swept through Woodville, a small East … …Read Full Article

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01/02 1:17 pm

We’ve concluded that the pond is useful.” An expert at the TCEQ was contacted and asked if an exception can be made for the city wastewater plant’s pond if certain steps are taken to make improvements … …Read Full Article

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01/02 12:27 am

Although not over by any means, 2018 closed with the TCEQ again delaying a decision on the air-quality permit to Vulcan Construction Materials for its proposed limestone quarry near Bulverde. The fina… …Read Full Article

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12/31 2:28 pm

The Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has been notified of the leak. NTMWD is also working with Texas Parks and Wildlife and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The NTMWD has not … …Read Full Article

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