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02/25 11:28 am

COLLEGE STATION – Charles Swanson, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service irrigation specialist, has been appointed to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Irrigation Advisory Council. Swanson … …Read Full Article

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02/23 7:58 pm

TCEQ and the district are negotiating how it will correct these and whether it will pay a fine, agency spokeswoman Andrea Morrow said. Allen Junek used to serve on the board and is one of its most voc… …Read Full Article

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02/23 3:08 am

TCEQ is the same department that gave El Paso Water Utility the green light to move forward with the Advanced Purification Facility. “It’s astonishing that the state would approve both of those applic… …Read Full Article

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02/22 7:08 pm

Customers with questions can contact the Dog Ridge Water office at 254-939-6533 or by email at dogridgewsc@yahoo.com or Lafonda Wilsey, general manager, at 254-721-0401. If a customer wishes to reach … …Read Full Article

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02/22 2:18 pm

Environment Texas has taken no position on the expedited air permit process, which was implemented at TCEQ in 2014 and applies specifically to air permits. Those permits are needed for any facility th… …Read Full Article

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02/22 7:07 am

“The TCEQ does not have jurisdiction to enforce this section,” spokeswoman Andrea Morrow told the Herald. “Suspected violations of this section are typically reported by district residents … …Read Full Article

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02/22 6:17 am

Corrections on the Mim’s Creek violations are approximately 85% complete. They have 90 more days to finish the project per TCEQ. –Police Sergeant David Utsey – January was a slow month for ticket writ… …Read Full Article

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02/20 11:08 pm

Yet, Mayor Joe McComb says these subjects are different. Although he says the water ban was unfortunate, there is ruling from the TCEQ or the EPA on how the Corpus Christi water crisis was Ergon … …Read Full Article

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02/19 4:48 pm

“When we speak of water/sewer, it is because we have a blended utility. These are sewer projects that are required by TCEQ and are termed (Sanitary Sewer Overflow Initiative) projects. The city and TC… …Read Full Article

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02/19 5:37 am

There were more than 4,000 reported unauthorized emissions events reported in the state in 2017, yet the TCEQ only imposed penalties on 58 emissions events that year, data showed. The TCEQ declined to … …Read Full Article

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