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04/27 12:28 am

“Right now we’re in what we call phase 3A of the project, so we’ve gone through the TCEQ permitting process, and gained approval for the project for the first fully operational ASR well, and we are … …Read Full Article

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04/26 9:18 pm

“The project is necessary to come into compliance with TCEQ standards,” Coon said. At a sparsely-attended town hall meeting on April 9, Strand engineers detailed the options to fix the water … …Read Full Article

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04/25 4:38 pm

Residents near Harris Creek at Farm-to-Market Road 16 are to use only water that has been distilled or boiled at a rolling boil for at least one minute, according to a news release from TCEQ. …Read Full Article

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04/25 2:58 pm

A petition for a class action status is now in federal court. TCEQ will do what Baker called a “360-degree review on our actions to inform the Legislature on gaps identified.” At this point, he said, … …Read Full Article

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04/25 1:18 pm

The Irving spill exceeded 100,000 gallons and impacts Delaware Creek and the Trinity River. The TCEQ has been notified, the cause of the spill has been corrected and the spill is being contained and … …Read Full Article

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04/25 12:17 pm

however, KXAS-TV (NBC5) meteorologist Samantha Davies warned that the area will likely see more ozone action days. On those days, the TCEQ recommends limiting time outdoors, carpooling, and shortening … …Read Full Article

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04/24 10:37 pm

However, elevated levels of benzene remain along the road near ITC’s tank farm. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) claims cleanup cost them $1.7 million so far. While Congresswoman … …Read Full Article

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04/24 10:17 pm

How important is the project to long-term TCEQ compliance and the city’s growth? BLANKS: Any time you look to raise revenue for projects there will be concerns for residents, but in this case … …Read Full Article

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04/24 10:07 pm

TCEQ officials were among the environmental, health and scientific experts who answered questions from residents of the Fifth Ward and Kashmere Gardens community regarding the effects of an … …Read Full Article

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04/24 9:28 pm

Rogers said Wednesday. “We are treating it to the best of our ability.” Tri-County Point Property Owners Association was fined $1,499 for not telling its customers and the TCEQ about the quality of … …Read Full Article

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