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09/08 5:26 pm

HAPPY TUESDAY! Welcome to Overnight Energy, The Hill’s roundup of the latest energy and environment news. Please send tips and comments to Rebecca Beitsch at rbeitsch@thehill.com. Follow her on Twitter: @rebeccabeitsch. Reach Rachel Frazin at… …Read Full Article

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09/08 5:06 pm

The latest coronavirus stimulus package introduced by Senate Republicans on Tuesday includes efforts to aid the mining and coal industries in a move already angering some Democrats.The Tuesday bill includes a bipartisan effort by Sens. Lisa… …Read Full Article

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09/08 4:36 pm

Democrats are asking the National Park Service (NPS) to account for its involvement in the Republican National Convention after the agency agreed to host a fireworks display following President Trump’s acceptance speech.Trump’s speech closing out… …Read Full Article

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09/08 3:16 pm

President Trump on Tuesday moved to block oil and gas drilling off the coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina until mid-2032, a decade longer than drilling is currently delayed off Florida’s Gulf Coast. “I will sign a presidential order… …Read Full Article

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09/08 2:06 pm

A coalition of more than 40 organizations is urging the federal government to take steps to protect workers at oil and gas facilities, as well as the communities surrounding the sites, from the coronavirus. In a letter to the Interior… …Read Full Article

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09/06 7:56 pm

The National Weather Service (NWS) said Los Angeles County saw its highest temperature on official record Sunday after a high of 121 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded in the San Fernando Valley earlier in the day.The federal agency said the… …Read Full Article

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09/06 2:46 pm

More than 200 people were rescued by the National Guard from a wildfire in a recreational area in California, officials said Sunday. The Madera County Sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post that officials had rescued… …Read Full Article

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09/05 6:46 pm

An animal rights group filed a lawsuit against the federal government on Thursday in an effort to stop the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut from acquiring five new beluga whales.The nonprofit group Friends of Animals filed the suit against U.S…. …Read Full Article

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09/05 9:36 am

Authorities in the U.K. arrested dozens of environmental activists on Saturday after demonstrators attempted to disrupt the distribution of several national newspapers.The group called Extinction Rebellion said it targeted two Rupert Murdoch-… …Read Full Article

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09/04 6:36 pm

A pair of institutional investors in Exxon Mobil Corp. on Friday told a Texas federal judge that dismissal in his court of a consolidated derivative shareholder suit alleging the oil and gas giant misrepresented climate change-related business projections would hurt their similar case in New Jersey. …Read Full Article

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