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11/19 4:44 pm

The House Energy and Commerce Committee advanced a bill Tuesday that would restrict the use of asbestos.The bill bans the production, use and importation of asbestos, implementing a complete ban on the substance within a year of the bill’s… …Read Full Article

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11/19 3:44 pm

Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday released draft legislation aimed at addressing climate change by extending and expanding tax breaks for renewable energy.“This bill will build on existing tax incentives that promote… …Read Full Article

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11/19 2:24 pm

A coalition of largely Washington, D.C.,-area representatives is asking House appropriators to ensure that funds will not be used to move the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) outside of the nation’s capital. The push comes as BLM sent 159… …Read Full Article

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11/19 1:54 pm

For its first political ad of the 2020 campaign, environmental champion The Sierra Club is promoting a green economy. Run on MSNBC the day before the primary debate in Atlanta, Ga, the advertisement focuses on solar industry employees… …Read Full Article

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11/19 12:04 pm

A key Senate panel has voted to fully and permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund, a move seen as a significant victory by conservation groups.The House Energy and Natural Resources committee voted Tuesday morning to permanently… …Read Full Article

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11/19 11:24 am

Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo spoke at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday morning to draw attention to the threat from toxic so-called “forever chemicals.”Ruffalo is starring in an upcoming movie, “Dark Waters,” in which he plays a lawyer who fought the… …Read Full Article

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11/19 8:15 am

European Airline easyJet on Tuesday announced it will be the first major carrier to operate net-zero carbon flights by offsetting carbon emissions from the fuel used in its flights. The company will do the offsetting through… …Read Full Article

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11/18 7:44 pm

Two private water utility companies in a northern suburb of Houston want a Texas federal judge to put an end to a government resources conservation group’s alleged price-fixing of water supplies in the area, according to a Friday complaint. …Read Full Article

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11/18 7:04 pm

California has announced plans to stop buying vehicles from automakers that backed President Trump during the state’s battle over whether it can set tougher emissions standards. The California Department of General Services issued a statement… …Read Full Article

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11/18 4:44 pm

SILENCING SCIENCE ADVISERS: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has repeatedly rescheduled and delayed a meeting of an advisory board slated to review a controversial proposal that would block the agency from considering studies that don’t… …Read Full Article

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