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08/13 8:47 am

Goldsmiths University in London announced Monday that it would be banning all beef products on campus in an effort to fight climate change and become carbon neutral by 2025. The move goes into effect in September when the 2019 academic year… …Read Full Article

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08/13 7:57 am

Russian’s weather agency Rosgidromet on Tuesday reported that radiation levels in the city of Severodvinsk were 16 times higher than normal after an accident last week during a failed missile test, Reuters reported citing the TASS state news… …Read Full Article

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08/12 4:58 pm

Two prominent environmental groups sued the Trump administration Monday, arguing it is breaking the law by cutting penalties for automakers that do not meet Obama-era fuel efficiency standards.The suit from the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources… …Read Full Article

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08/12 3:57 pm

Democrats and environmentalists on Monday vowed to sue the Trump administration over a new regulation they say illegally dismantles the Endangered Species Act. The Interior Department announced Monday morning a series of changes to the law that… …Read Full Article

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08/12 10:17 am

The Trump administration on Monday announced it had finalized a controversial rollback of protections for endangered species, including allowing economic factors to be weighed before adding an animal to the list.The Interior Department has… …Read Full Article

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08/11 6:38 am

A new climate report by the United Nations calls for a massive transition in land management and food consumption, putting the brunt of those changes primarily on the back of one group — farmers.The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate… …Read Full Article

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08/10 7:38 pm

Delaware has become the first state in the country to be designated a no-kill state for shelter animals.The Delaware News Journal reported Friday that the state was officially designated a no-kill state recently by the Best Friends Animal Society, a… …Read Full Article

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08/09 8:07 pm

The Fifth Circuit on Friday granted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Sierra Club’s motion to dismiss their appeal of a lower court’s ruling that said the federal government waited too long to bring a Clean Air Act suit against the operator of two Texas coal-fired power plants. …Read Full Article

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08/09 5:38 pm

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reversed course late Friday, agreeing to key union demands as nearly two-thirds of its research staff will leave the agency rather than move to new headquarters in the Kansas City area.The announcement… …Read Full Article

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08/09 4:37 pm

State and local officials near the hub of Texas’s petrochemical industry are aggressively using their enforcement power to crack down on industry after a string of recent chemical fires, including one last week at ExxonMobil Corp.’s Baytown refinery. …Read Full Article

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