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The White House’s attack on scientists could manipulate public opinion

So much of what the Trump administration has done involves [...]

03:28 pm, Feb 24, 2018

Air Pollution News

Trump’s rush to drill on public land is the opposite of ‘America First’

This Republican president should heed Republican President Theodore Roosevelt. [...]

02:25 pm, Feb 24, 2018

Air Pollution News

Zinke tweaks Interior reorganization maps after governors’ criticisms

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has tweaked his maps proposing a [...]

01:34 pm, Feb 23, 2018

Hill E2 Wire Blog

EPA Tips for a Clean and Healthy Wood Burning Season in New England

The groundhog has come and gone, but New Englanders know [...]

11:00 pm, Feb 22, 2018

EPA Air Feed

Plugging In

The adoption of large numbers of electric vehicles (EVs) offers [...]

11:48 am, Feb 21, 2018

EnvironmentTexas Org

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Hosts Nation’s Leaders to Discuss Efforts to Reduce Childhood Lead Exposure

WASHINGTON (February 16, 2018) – Yesterday, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [...]

11:00 pm, Feb 15, 2018

EPA Enforcement Feed

EPA Begins Reviews of 24 New England Site Cleanups during Current Fiscal Year

Boston – EPA plans to conduct comprehensive reviews of site [...]

11:00 pm, Feb 15, 2018

EPA Waste Feed

EPA Settles with Amazon for Distributions of Illegal Pesticides

Seattle – Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced an [...]

11:00 pm, Feb 14, 2018

EPA Enforcement Feed

USA Today: Clean Air, Land and Water: Time for the EPA to Start Keeping Its Promises

By Administrator Scott Pruitt February 14, 2018 A few months ago, I promised [...]

11:00 pm, Feb 13, 2018

EPA Water Feed

U.S. EPA Awards More Than $90,000 to Protect Children’s Health along the U.S.-Mexico Border

DALLAS (Feb. 12, 2018) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [...]

11:00 pm, Feb 11, 2018

EPA Texas Feed

EPA Approves State of Arkansas’ Plan for Air Permitting and Enforcement Programs

DALLAS – (Feb. 8, 2018) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [...]

11:00 pm, Feb 07, 2018

EPA Texas Feed

Watch Out Almonds! Pecans Aim to Displace America’s Nut

This is a story of two nuts: the almond and [...]

10:39 am, Nov 11, 2015

NPR Texas Enviro

Obama Rejected Keystone XL, But Crude Flows Through Southern Part of Project

President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline provoked cheers [...]

11:39 am, Nov 09, 2015

NPR Texas Enviro

02/23 10:57 am

The authorities say Kavous Seyed Emami, a prominent environmentalist, committed suicide in prison. His wife and sons doubt that, and […]

02/23 10:47 am

Container ships, tankers, freighters, and cruise liners are a significant source of CO2 emissions and other pollutants. Led by Norway, […]

02/23 10:47 am

Package delivery by drones is expected to take off in the next few years. That should reduce energy use and […]

02/23 10:37 am

A scheme to control invasive plants in South Africa is helping to conserve water — and offering an inexpensive, eco-friendly […]

02/23 8:07 am

The Trump administration must start enforcing an Obama administration rule limiting methane leaks from oil and natural gas drilling on […]

02/23 7:07 am

Researchers are investigating the possibility of environmental damage before the industry kicks off. …Read Full Article Source: Air Pollution News

02/23 6:58 am

Conservationists have expressed grave concern over the deterioration of the country’s wetlands mainly due to pollution, converting them to farmland […]

02/23 6:37 am

An Idaho Senate panel voted to retain all references to man-made climate change in proposed science standards for K-12 education, […]

02/23 6:17 am

Democrat Sen. Patty Murray is opposing legislation introduced by GOP Rep. Dan Newhouse to help save the lower Snake River […]

02/23 6:07 am

The proposed carbon tax, long sought by Gov. Jay Inslee, has cleared two state Senate committees and faces a floor […]

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