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Trump, Biden spar over climate change at debate

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden sparred over [...]

03:34 am, Sep 30, 2020

Hill E2 Wire Blog

House passes bills to secure energy sector against cyberattacks

The House on Tuesday unanimously passed four bills aimed at [...]

09:52 pm, Sep 29, 2020

Hill E2 Wire Blog

Austin-Based Lemi Shine Recognized as one of EPA’s 2020 Safer Choice Partners of the Year

DALLAS – (Sept. 29, 2020) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [...]

04:00 am, Sep 29, 2020

EPA Texas Feed

EPA awards $24.7 million to West Virginia for water quality improvement projects

PHILADELPHIA (September 29, 2020) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [...]

04:00 am, Sep 29, 2020

EPA Water Feed

EPA to Award up to $73 million for Clean Diesel Projects

St. Paul, Minn. (September 29, 2020) — Today, at a press [...]

04:00 am, Sep 29, 2020

EPA Air Feed

Port of Providence Selected for EPA Community-Scale Air Toxics Monitoring Grant

PROVIDENCE - The Port of Providence is one of 11 [...]

04:00 am, Sep 29, 2020

EPA Water Feed

U.S. EPA requires Hawaii’s largest refrigerated food warehouse to improve chemical safety

HONOLULU – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a [...]

04:00 am, Sep 28, 2020

EPA Enforcement Feed

Testimony on proposed changes to TCEQ Penalty Policy

Catherine Fraser Clean Air Associate(612) 963-0228 about [...]

07:52 pm, Sep 24, 2020

EnvironmentTexas Org

EPA Announces 2020 Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award Winners in Oregon and Washington

SEATTLE — During Pollution Prevention (P2) week, the U.S. Environmental Protection [...]

04:00 am, Sep 24, 2020

EPA Waste Feed

EPA Selects LSU to Receive Pollution Prevention Grant; Part of $9.3 Million for Over 40 Organizations Nationwide

DALLAS – (Sept. 23, 2020) Today, during Pollution Prevention (P2) [...]

04:00 am, Sep 23, 2020

EPA Texas Feed

Idaho, Oregon, Washington and partners to receive nearly $1 Million in EPA Pollution Prevention Grants

SEATTLE – During Pollution Prevention (P2) Week, the U.S. Environmental [...]

04:00 am, Sep 23, 2020

EPA Waste Feed

Watch Out Almonds! Pecans Aim to Displace America’s Nut

This is a story of two nuts: the almond and [...]

04:39 pm, Nov 11, 2015

NPR Texas Enviro

Obama Rejected Keystone XL, But Crude Flows Through Southern Part of Project

President Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline provoked cheers [...]

05:39 pm, Nov 09, 2015

NPR Texas Enviro

08/21 4:36 pm

COVID-19 shutdowns in the first few months of 2020 caused a severe drop in fuel demand and prices. In order […]

08/21 4:16 pm

It’s common to hear in Wyoming that former President Barack Obama is to blame for coal’s demise because he enforced […]

08/21 3:46 pm

The U.S. government is on the hook for $20.3 million spent by Exxon Mobil Corp. to clean up pollution discharged […]

08/21 2:36 pm

PUERTO RICO – During a visit today to highlight important U.S. …Read Full Article Source: EPA Water Feed

08/21 2:36 pm

PUERTO RICO – Durante una visita efectuada hoy para destacar la importante colaboración de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental de […]

08/21 1:46 pm

The Coast Guard said it was searching for four missing crew from the dredging vessel “Waymon L. Boyd,” after a […]

08/21 1:16 pm

AUSTIN — A massive fire and explosion broke out this morning along refinery row in Corpus Christi, Texas. This fire […]

08/21 12:37 pm

While the Fifth Circuit’s recent ruling in Environment Texas Citizen Lobby v. ExxonMobil. says that Clean Air Act plaintiffs must […]

08/21 12:06 pm

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden listed climate change among the major crises facing America as he seeks to rally Democrats […]

08/21 10:56 am

Rocha says they’re “trying to get a headcount of everybody.” 10:45 AM: TCEQ is aware of this morning’s reported explosion […]

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