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11/06 7:34 pm

Sutter referred to the GBRA’s statutory requirement to replace and maintain the dams, referring to TCEQ guidelines, and the Texas Administrative Code. “TCEQ and the Sunset Commission both have … …Read Full Article

Source: BING – TCEQ

11/06 5:54 pm

Absolutely unacceptable.” Terri Toledo, communications director for the city, said city staff contacted the TCEQ in September regarding reporting that did not look accurate, leading to an audit … …Read Full Article

Source: BING – TCEQ

11/06 11:24 am

“The City failed to meet Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Cryptosporidium removal requirements during the surface water treatment process due to damaged water filtration membranes … …Read Full Article

Source: BING – TCEQ

11/05 6:24 pm

Under state law, the company must file a final report with emissions data within two weeks after the end of the accident. TCEQ officials are monitoring air quality in the area and reported that there … …Read Full Article

Source: BING – TCEQ

11/05 8:54 am

For about a year—October 2018 to September 2019, excluding the months of December and April—the city of Pflugerville “failed to meet the minimum treatment techniques” for its water supply … …Read Full Article

Source: BING – TCEQ

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