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12/31 1:44 pm

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) independent board of science advisers took the agency to task Friday for ignoring its advice and when revising Obama-era protections for mercury pollution from power plants.In a draft released by the… …Read Full Article

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12/31 9:24 am

Thousands of Australian residents and tourists are being forced to flee to its southeastern shore amid the wildfires decimating much of the country, news outlets reported Tuesday.Evacuees faced apocalyptic scenes as they took to the beaches to… …Read Full Article

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12/30 3:14 pm

A coalition of 91 groups with ties to public lands sent a letter Monday asking that acting Bureau of Land Management (BLM) head William Pendley immediately resign or face removal from his post.Pendley, a controversial figure over his past… …Read Full Article

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12/30 10:34 am

Teen activist Greta Thunberg didn’t just create visibility for climate change concerns this year, she also helped dating app users weed through their options.Popular dating app OkCupid reported an 800 percent increase in mentions of Thunberg on… …Read Full Article

Source: Hill E2 Wire Blog

12/28 6:44 pm

More than 250,000 people have signed a petition calling for the cancellation of Sydney, Australia’s annual New Year’s Eve fireworks in the wake of recent fires that have devastated the country and continue to threaten the city, according to the BBC…. …Read Full Article

Source: Hill E2 Wire Blog

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