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10/05 2:56 pm

Mark Barringer’s new book, “Collegiality and the Constitution,” is an engaging, vibrant work of judicial history in Texas’ Eastern District, and reveals an atmosphere of civility and respect among all those involved in the business of the court, says U.S. District Judge Robert W. Schroeder III. …Read Full Article

Source: Law360 Environmental Texas

10/02 8:56 pm

Texas prosecutors’ high-profile failure to hold Arkema Inc. and its executives criminally liable for chemical releases that happened during Hurricane Harvey exposed both the difficulties involved in prosecuting environmental crimes and how the circumstances of an unprecedented natural disaster can factor into that. …Read Full Article

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10/01 10:06 am

A Texas state judge on Thursday threw out remaining criminal charges against Arkema Inc. and the former manager of a plant accused of reckless chemical releases during Hurricane Harvey, cutting short a trial and finding no evidence in the record supported the felony charges. …Read Full Article

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09/30 12:16 pm

A Texas state court judge said there’s not enough evidence to support a felony charge against the CEO of Arkema Inc. for reckless emissions of hazardous chemicals during Hurricane Harvey, but let charges against Arkema and its former plant manager move forward in an ongoing trial. …Read Full Article

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09/29 3:36 pm

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said that it didn’t break the law when it approved construction of two liquefied natural gas terminals in Texas even though “virtually all” of the pollution impacts will be felt by nearby low-income minority communities. …Read Full Article

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